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    Hot Pepper Seeds and Sauces -

    Hottest Pepper Seeds

    BurnMeGood has dozens of the hottest pepper seeds you can buy online. Here are the types of pepper seeds we carry: Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, Black Onyx, Brain Red or Yellow, Caribbean Red, Chocolate Habanero, Chocolate Naga, Datil, Fatalii, Hotazel, Jati Jolokia, Khorika Jolokia, Krishna Jolokia, Mem Jolokia, Phringi Jolokia, Morouga, Malagueta, Naga Ghost, Super Naga, Naga Dorset, Naga Morich, Jamaican West Indie Red, Pumpkin, Red Savina, 7 Pot Pod, Scotch Bonnet, Tangerine Habanero, Tepin, Trinidad Congo,  White Habanero, and a various assortments of many other hot pepper seeds. Buy pepper seeds online from us today.

    We sell our pepper seeds as a baker`s dozen (13) unless otherwise stated. They are shipped asap USPS along with directions of how to get our germinating instructions. If you are looking for something special or out of the ordinary email me at

    Hot Pepper Sauces

    ALL SAUCES ON SALE.....DON`T MISS OUT....THIS IS OUR WELCOME TO SUMMER BLOW OUT SALE!!!! opened a Hot Pepper Sauce shop with sauces, ceramics, t-shirts, chili- goodies of all kinds. Back then folks were looking for good heat and awesome flavors that you can buy online. Now, we, as a people, have evolved into only wanting the buy the absolute HOTTEST sauce in the world. We are slowly working towards this demand of the Chili Heads. is continually adding new and HOTTEST sauces and continually phasing out the wimpy, but tasty sauces. The sale page features or our hottest sauces on the move. 

    Everything on the SALE page has been marked down. Some will remain, but some will be phased out. So, sign up for our newsletter to keep up with our newest, the latest, the greatest, the tastiest, and the HOTTEST  pepper sauces in the world.

    Hot Pepper Seeds,  Plants, Hottest Pepper Sauces, if it`s HOT - we`ve got it! Or will eventually get it such as:  Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, Viper, Morouga, Red Brain, Infinity, Carolina Reaper, Naga Ghost Chocolate,Naga Ghost Purple, and Naga Ghost Peach, Datil, and more. 

    Also you can sign up for BurnMeGood Hot Pepper Seeds and Sauces newsletter and we will email you the information.




    Email us at if any questions.

    How we are going green:  click here.

    We are family owned & operated.

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